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Personal Injury Attorneys - Nelson, Blair, Langer, Engle

Why Choose NBLE?

At NBLE, we don’t just help our clients with legal issues - we help them get their lives back on track.

When people come to us seeking legal counsel, they’re often experiencing - or just experienced - one the most traumatic events of their life. Of course, we can help with any legal issues they’re facing, but we go beyond that. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives. We truly want to see our clients heal completely from their injuries, whatever they may be, so they can enjoy life to its fullest. For those that are not able to do that, we want to make sure they have the resources necessary to get their lives back on track in a meaningful way so they can continue to be productive citizens who contribute in a positive way to our society. 

For the above reasons, helping our clients recover from their injuries, regain their dignity and secure the resources needed to lead productive lives is our top priority. Whether it’s a brain injury, car accident, insurance denial or any of the areas where we have expertise, we’re there to help. That begins from first contact through the resolution of the case - and beyond.

At NBLE Law, attorneys Mike Nelson, Scott Blair, Fred LangerAaron Engle and Elizabeth LePley believe deeply in the principles of Trust, Integrity, Honesty, and Courage. In fact, we’ve based our entire philosophy around them.

Here is why we feel they are so important.

Trust – It is impossible to gain justice without trust. We believe that you, the client, should be able to trust your attorneys to do what is right to help you recover the compensation for your injuries - and get you back to where you were before the accident. When you call our office, we will meet with you at absolutely no cost to you to 
discuss your case. Don’t worry about attorney fees. We don’t collect our attorney fees 
until you win or settle your case.

Integrity – Integrity goes hand-in-hand with trust. At NBLE, we treat our clients with the utmost respect and work hard to preserve your dignity. This is what you expect from insurance companies but don’t always get. We know that the last thing you want to deal with is stressful phone calls when you or a loved one is in pain or disabled. Let NBLE take over and help. We will handle the insurance companies and bill collectors with the 
integrity and firmness the situation demands.

Honesty – The attorneys of NBLE are skilled and know that trials are won using the truth. We present our cases with absolute honesty. Truth and honesty are the most powerful tools in a courtroom. Jurors are too smart to be fooled, and when it comes to finding the truth, they can always tell when one side is being less than honest. Without earning the jury’s trust, getting full justice is very difficult.

Courage – The majority of attorneys who advertise themselves as helping people who have been injured or are disabled will rarely take their cases to trial. Trials can be scary for those who don’t do them regularly. Our attorneys are different. We have the courage and the desire to take on the insurance companies and their lawyers, and let twelve people on the jury see what they are up to. The insurance companies are not your friends. Their primary goal is to keep your money so they can enhance their standing 
with Wall Street -- and they have plenty of attorneys to help them do just that. Other attorneys often turn to us when their cases have to go to trial and don't have the experience necessary to successfully present their case to a jury. We have the experience needed to present your case in the best way possible, making a strong position on your behalf.

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