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Partner Scott Blair has been a trial lawyer for 33 years. His first four years in practice were spent as a prosecutor trying criminal cases nearly every day. He left the prosecutor's office and started his own trial practice firm representing folks who have been hurt through the carelessness of others. As the principle partner in The Blair Firm, Scott tried scores of cases to a verdict over the next 25+ years, and has had a long string of cases that have resulted in excellent verdicts for his clients.

He loves this type of work. His passion is helping injured people find ways to get the best treatment for their injuries, and get their lives back together again. For Scott, this is the most rewarding aspect of being a lawyer, and he has enjoyed doing only that since 1987.

Scott is a well-respected trial attorney in the Puget Sound area. He is well-known for his grasp of the medical issues affecting his clients and for his ability to listen to his clients to better understand their situation. He knows that trust is the key element, not just in an attorney-client relationship, but also when working with a judge, jury or arbitrator. Trust can only come by being completely honest, and you can count on Scott to tell it like it is.

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He knows that if a case does not settle and you have to go to court, you will need an advocate who respects the power of the truth with a jury or judge. He doesn't try to package facts in a way that violates the truth of your case, and he is not afraid to tell your story to a judge or jury. While at the prosecutor's office, Scott was able to prosecute over 100 jury trials, and since that time, he has tried well over 75 civil jury trials and done hundreds of arbitrations on behalf of injured folks.

In 2010, Scott was accepted into the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming. He will be the first to tell you that the Trial Lawyers College changed the way he viewed not only his role in helping people through bad times but also the power of using the truth in everyone's story before a jury. He knows that juries are incredibly smart and demand the truth be told in a straightforward manner so they can do their job providing justice in your case.

After 26 years of trying cases for injured folks in his own firm, Scott joined forces with Mike Nelson, Fred Langer, and Aaron Engle in 2013 to create one of the premier personal injury law firms in the State of Washington devoted to helping seriously injured people get the help they need to get their lives back together. Scott is proud to join a team of advocates who, like him, are devoted to helping others and to bring about social change to make all of our family's lives safer.

Scott is often asked to speak at seminars training lawyers in the area of helping injured people, and spends plenty of time mentoring young lawyers on how to help make a difference in people's lives and how to be helpers in our society. Recently, Scott has been a national pioneer in advocating that pituitary injuries, which exist in 35-50% of all TBI injuries, no longer be overlooked in TBI cases. Scott has made it his objective to educate lawyers around the country on this important topic so other brain injured folks can get the long term help they need with a pituitary injury and be allowed to live more meaningful and productive lives.

Scott has been married for 32 years to his wife Victoria, has four children and three grandchildren. He has been an active volunteer in his community over the past 30 years, and believes that giving back is the best way to improve the community we live in.

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